Teaching Philosophy

My teaching philosophy has been developed from over 40 years of providing technical instruction. My teaching mission is simple –Master a Skill, Learn for Life. To accomplish this goal, I believe in the old adage that if you feed a man a fish, they eat for the day. If you teach a man to fish, they eat for a lifetime. In today’s technological world people need to master technical skills to survive and thrive in a globally competitive world. I believe it is imperative that I teach people to master a skill to be competitive and employable. However, my mission also includes going beyond just teaching people a single skill. I also believe I must also ignite their passion to learn so they can master any skill and remain employable in an ever-changing world. To accomplish these teaching imperatives I employ many instructional methodologies that enable me to assist my students on a path of lifelong learning.

Information Analysis and Synthesis

One of the greatest challenges facing a teacher of IT is assisting students in analyzing and synthesizing technical information. IT teachers must insist students become experts and master technical skills. This ensures students have the requisite knowledge to remain competitive. It is also imperative I teach students the skills necessary to access vast information resources. This helps students become lifelong learners by connecting them to bodies of knowledge.

Skill Mastery

Skill mastery is developed through the continuous application of instructional material. It has been said it takes 10,000 hours to master a skill. Developing a skill can no longer be relegated to “homework”or “on-the-job-training”. It is imperative to provide time in an academic setting for students to practice a skill. Student must be given a safe environment to fail in a classroom or lab so an instructor can assist them in effectively master a skill in real-time.

Why have I adopted this teaching philosophy?

In his book “What The Best College Teachers Do”, Ken Bain points out that exceptional teachers “can do intellectually, physically, and emotionally what they expect from their students”. I demonstrate mastery in the IT field by providing examples of my work through its industry acceptance as various international standards. Over the last 10 years of teaching I assisted many student sin mastered a technical skill. Mastering an individual skill for some students was the spark needed to ignite their passion to continually learn, progress, and thrive for a lifetime.